Merry Christmas from The College Column

If you are or were a consistent follower of TCC you probably noticed the sharp decline of posts we now make. Well everyone is busy and in their own little worlds and we just haven’t had time to update the site. BUT we wanted to take this brief post and wish all of our visitors and fans a very MERRY CHRISTMAS.
Whilst I cannot say what is in the future for The College Column, I can say that the values of TCC will stay very much alive through the lives of every college student around the world.

Enjoy your break and hopefully we will meet again soon.

Don’t Waste Time Writing Papers! (We Can Write That Review)

You may have noticed that the site has new advertiser, We Can Write That.  They offer a bunch of different kinds of custom writing, including academic essays.  I thought I’d try out the service and let you know what my opinion is.  If you’ve ever looked for a company to buy a paper from, you know they can seem really scammy or generally untrustworthy, or the site is clearly foreign.  I wanted to scope out this company, and here is what I found.

I ordered a 5-page paper on an obscure book called Family by Pa Chin, which I read last semester for my Modern China course.  The topic I gave them was to discuss the problems that come up for the characters in their struggles for individualism in an oppressive society, and how that relates to the themes of change and class divisions.  Tough, right?  I wanted to pick something sort of hard.  Well, they did a great job, I have to say.  I could tell that my writer had actually read the book, or at least it seemed like it.  She was really detailed in analyzing the characters and plot, way more than if she just read the Sparknotes or something.  She followed all the fake instructions I sent, including putting the whole thing in a certain format, and using three outside scholarly sources (no internet).  I was able to write back and forth with her too, which would be really helpful if you or your writer had questions.  There’s a message system you use with your writer in the site, and it’s all anonymous.  There’s also a customer service person who is really helpful and friendly, who you can talk to on the phone, in email, or in live chat.  I ran the paper through my WriteCheck account to make sure it was totally original, and it was.

Bottom line, this company is legit.  I have no problem recommending them and using them for real this semester.

Check them out:

Whiskey Slushies

Whiskey SlushWhen summer starts to roll around and you are looking for a new warm weather drink, this is what you might be looking for. A whiskey slush is like a frozen margarita but has a different taste to change things up. This is one of our favorites to go along with summer brew out by the pool! There are a lot of ways to make whiskey slush, so you can mix it up and see what you like. Continue reading

Scholarships For College Students

scholarships for college students

As we all know the cost of college is quite expensive. Whether you go to a division 1 school or a community college, the cost of tuition, books, and living quickly adds up. No matter what college you attend money is a requirement.

Many students turn to financial aid and student loans to help subsidize their college education. The only down side is that student have to pay back these loans plus interest. That is why I always recommend college students to apply for scholarships. Scholarships are free money toward your education that you never have to pay back.

So it’s worth applying for as many as you can. Many scholarships go unclaimed simply because no one applies for them.