The Captain Sets Sail pt.1

As the sun rose on an October morning, my roommates and I no idea what the day had in store for us. It was October 9, 2010. Only hours away from 10/10/10, our friend Barry’s 21st birthday! We had awaited this day for a while now and had many plans for how the night was going to play out. The day light hours were pretty calm, as we all sat anticipating the chaos we had planned. Continue reading

The Captain Sets Sail pt.2

So there we were, trying to piece together what exactly happened last night. Tim and I were on the futon while Ad-Rock was trying to fish the rubber duck out of the toilet. We then became aware of a beeping sound outside. It was that noise a big truck makes when backing up. I got up and looked out the window and absolutely could not believe what I saw. I looked at Tim and said, “Man you’re gonna want to see this!” Continue reading

Dirty Hairy

Ok so it’s time to talk about an issue I came about my sophomore year of college, and I believe I am not alone. One day I realized that my shampoo bottle was not nearly as full as I left it. The first thing that came to mind was “who the hell is jacking my shampoo?” So after my shower I asked Ad-Rock if he knew anything about this. To my surprise he too had been having the same issue! His shampoo was disappearing at a rapid rate. Ad-Rock thought he had a potential explanation of these disappearances. Continue reading