Interview with I Am Nation

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I Am Nation

The College Column interviews the band I Am Nation

Band name?
I Am Nation

Where are you guys from?

Kansas City

Band members and roll?
Liz Greub- singer/guitarist
Wyatt Lemmon- bassist
Megan Gladbach- lead guitarist
David Gonzales- drummer

How did you come up with your name?I Am Nation
Megan stole someone’s french fries at lunch one day and they said, “If you take one, the whole nation will want one.” then Megan replied, “I’m a whole nation!” and after some thought we came upon I Am Nation

What music has influenced you?
Blink-182, Rise Against, A Day To Remember

How long have you been writing and making music?
we all have been writing since grade school, most of our lives

What is the craziest gig you have ever played?
It’s hard to really pick out one, but we played a really awesome show at Loose Park last summer called, “Loosefest”. There were hundreds of people there and we were jumping off trash cans, the crowd was knocking over the speakers, and the fans were so close that we had to watch where we swung our guitars so we didn’t hit them.

When and where are your next live events?
most important upcoming show will be our EP Release Show April 28th at Yahweh Underground! We’re gonna pack that place!

How are you handling crazy fans?
we don’t like to handle them, we like to keep them crazy.

How do you deal with haters? (if applicable)
“If haters be hatin’, haters be hatin’.”

Any future albums?
Our upcoming EP, “Liminality” being released digitally May 1st!

Where can fans hear and buy your music?
Our new EP will be available on itunes, spotify, etc.

Band website?Twitter?Facebook?Youtube?

Favorite song you have made together?
Your Next Page

Favorite music video you made?
Dysfunctional. We shot that video outside on private property, driving our cars through peoples’ backyards. Then after filming it, literally 5 minutes after we left, the cops appeared on the scene of the crime as we drove by and laughed.

How do you like to kick back after a gig or a full day in the studio?
Preferably go grab some taco bell and go for a hike in the park, or watch Workaholics on Netflix.

Any advice for bands out there trying to make it?
Work hard. You are what you put into it.

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