Interview With NightLyfe

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The College Column Interviews the musical artists behind Nightlyfe.

Artist/Group name?

NightLyfe from Royal Zone Records


Group members and roll?

Mickey Black and St. Pyro, both song writers/performers/CEO’s


Where are you guys from?

Farmington, New Mexico


How did you come up with your name?

The thought of it organically arose from a late night of obscure thoughts
and deep contemplation (and heavy mind enhancement). We said it and
the more we thought about it the better it felt. NightLyfe was what it
had to be like the moon gets its shine from the sun.


What music has influenced you?

Mickey Black: As long as it’s good for the ears, I let many genres of music
inspire me. I always look for new things that I am not used to, just to
push my creativity to its boundaries.

St. Pyro: Hip Hop, Rock n Roll, R&B, Country, Mex. We get influenced
from every angle possible.


How long have you been writing and making music?

Mickey Black: I’ve been writing music (lyrics) for a little over ten years
now, since me and Pyro got into it in our early days of junior high. I
produce beats sometimes but I’ve only dabbled into that on and off for
about 3 years.

St. Pyro: Daymn that’s true it’s been about 11 or 12 years more or less.


What artists have inspired you?

Mickey Black: I have been influenced by many great artists in many genres
of music. From Michael Jackson to Johnny Cash, I love me some Led Zeppelin,
The Animals and Pink Floyd.Insane Clown Posse. I’ve also always been into Dr.
Dre’s music along with Eminem’s lyrical skills. Tupac. Biggie. Can’t forget
about immensely talented artists like South Park Mexican and Tech N9ne.
Since a youngster I grew up listening to Mexican music like Ramon Ayala,
Los Huracanes, and Vicente Fernandez. It’s so hard to pick a few from each
genre since so many have had a great impact on me, the list can go on

St. Pyro: 2pac, SPM, Biggie, Ozzy, Johnny Cash, Chalino Sanchez. Like
Mickey said the list goes on and on.


What is the craziest gig you have ever played?

Mickey Black: The craziest gig we’ve ever done has to be one we did in a
small town in Texas. I don’t even remember the name of it but we were on
our way back home from El Paso. A promoter we dealt with at the time let us
know of an opening in an event happening in a small bar. It sounded crappy
but we hadn’t performed much so we took whatever we could get.

As soon as we walked in I knew it was going to be an awkward night. The
lighting was very dark and the people were very quiet. I ordered a drink
before we went up and tried to spark a conversation with an older fellow
sitting at the bar but he just stared at me with a lost gaze.

The whole feel of the night was very strange and once we performed, we felt
like we had to get out of there.

Anyways the result was finding a slashed tire on our getaway car
causing us to stay longer and drink. After that the whole night was a
blur but we woke up with
a spare tire in place of the flat one even though we didn’t have a spare to
begin with! I woke up with a fifty cent piece in my pocket and never knew
where it came from, but I’ve carried it with me ever since!

St. Pyro: I agree with Mickey on that one haha.


When and where are your next live events?

Mickey Black: We have a show coming up sometime in May at the McGee
Park Convention Center in Farmington, NM. We will post the details on
our Facebook page soon. We don’t have many shows in the works due to
heavily working on our new album “The Order of the Owl” which will be
released soon as well.

St. Pyro: We should be having a record release party for it, The Royal
Zone Ryderz Order Of The Owl Owlbum, in about 2 months.


How are you handling crazy fans? (with two hands or one? JK lol)

Mickey Black: Haha the one I have at home is pretty simple, just an ON
and OFF switch!

St. Pyro: Haha


Any future albums?

As mentioned before, “The Order of the Owl” will be released soon, we’re
looking at sometime in early June. We’re excited for it, we believe it’s our
best creation yet. You can hear a couple of the songs from it on our
reverbnation and youtube pages.


Where can fans hear and buy your music?

They can listen to us from our facebook page:

See Our Facebook

Our reverbnation page:

Visit Our reverbanation Page

Our YouTube channel:

Visit Our Youtube Channel

To preview and buy our latest album search “NightLyfe The Zone” on the
itunes store,, or Zune.

The Royal Zone Records official website is coming soon as well.

How do you like to kick back after a gig or a full day in the studio?

Mickey Black: Just hang out and converse with the good people at the
show and kick a couple of drinks back! After a full session of the
studio we go over what we completed while we continue drinking beers
and plan our next moves.

St. Pyro: ahhh Homies, Ladies and brew!

Is there anything else you would like to mention?

Yes, we do this for the potent souls out there, the people who want to
better themselves and those around them and are not afraid to chase their
dreams. A big shout out to all the people that have helped build Royal Zone
Records to what it is and a big shout out to all who have doubted and
continue to hate. We are growing stronger by the night and have nothing but
love to offer those who take time to listen. Much love to all the other
independent artists out there as well, the road is long and rough but its
worth every minute of the ride. One more thing, a big thank you to The
College Column for featuring us, keep up the great work!

Tempus Fugit, Memento Mori, Carpe Diem.

NightLyfe - The Zone

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